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Ms. Stacey Guinan

“Beauty and the Beast” Feb 2013

 Gallen CS  staged their annual musical highlight  from Tuesday to Friday of last week and  the professionalism of the production of “Beauty and the Beast ” wowed audiences on all four nights as well as entertaining the local primary school children on the Tuesday matinee. Producer and Set Designer/ Builder ,Mr Michael  mac Cartain and his TY team , Musical Director Ms Deborah Reynolds, Choreographer Mrs Derval Scully, Costume Designer Mrs Evelyn Breen and  Set Designer and Painter  Ms Josephine  mc Keogh and her TY  team  deserve the utmost credit and the success of the show  is due recognition of all the hard work , dedication and long evenings they have put in  over the past few months. Indeed when reviewing the musical , one was impressed  by the  core of professionalism at the heart of the performance ,  from the superbly built and painted sets , to the costumes  and props , excellence was the dominant emotion  foremost in this reviewers mind .From  gigantic  knives , forks and  plates  used as wonderful props, to Cogs worth’s clock , Lumiere’s  candles , Mrs Pott’s teapot ,Madame de la Grande Bouche’s wardrobe   and the excellent infusion of modern computer technology to highlight the rose, the beast and the castle, this was a production which was a reviewers delight.Valene Greer as Belle brought great proficiency to the role. Her reprises were of the highest order as her singing resonated with the audience. Audiences empathised with Belle’s struggle as she is torn between rescuing her   father, Maurice [expertly played by SeanHynes] and breaking   down the   monstrous emotions lurking in the Beast. Belle helps show us the enduring power of kindness and love as she falls in love with the Beast and sees the person within rather than the exterior person. Valene Greer played the role to perfection and audiences warmed to her for so doing.Colin Kenny as the Beast, condemned  by the enchantress  [ disguised as a beggar woman] for turning the beggar woman away , seems destined to life out his life in the shadows , a beastly figure  paying lifelong price for a selfish    moment. Can anyone   melt the beast’s heart and release in him the redemptive power of love? Will that enduring symbol, the rose petals, blossom or will they all fall off? This leads to a production full of suspense and delight. Colin Kenny played the  role of   the Beast expertly as he  captured  the Jekyll and Hyde personality of the  Beast   a mixture of  beastly ferocity combined  with  human  emotions as he realises that  Belle  is developing  feelings for him .Each night the audience empathised with the Beast and rejoiced as he became the young prince again. Colin Kenny deserves   credit for his honest portrayal of the Beast who is a struggling soul liberated by the love of Belle, liberated enough to buy books for Belle. The Beast says “no beauty, no goodness can move me” yet by the end “love sets him free” and the fairy-tale ending was assured.Avril Spain was excellent in her role as the prim and proper Mrs Potts. Avril is lead role material going into the future. Mrs Pott’s  wonderful relationship with the  motley crew  of  characters looking for freedom from their ” furniture alter ego’s” was a highlight as was   the  bond Mrs Potts  had with  Chip whose delightful , youthful innocence was expertly played  by Sean Flynn. Mrs Potts haunting reprise of ” Beauty and the Beast formed a poignant backdrop to the emotional scene where Belle and the Beast dance and will live long in the memory.Donal Ryan was excellent in his portrayal of Cogsworth. Cogsworth condemned to life as a clock gave a timeless performance. Indeed Donie “if it’s not baroque why fix it? “Jarlath Stevenson brought a real French ambience to the play with his portrayal of Lumiere with
his reprise of “Be My Guest” being a highlight. Celine Camon was excellent as the eccentric Madame De La Grande Bouche seemingly condemned to life as a wardrobe yet all the time yearning for the life of a singer. Maurice, Belles father was excellently played by Sean Hynes who gave the role a great sense of dignity, humility mixed with a   fatherly concern for Belle This review cannot pass without word of Gaston, brilliantly characterised by Jack Egan. Gaston the preening conceited ladies’ man with eyes for Belle and half an eye for the Silly Girls. Gaston is summed up when he presents   Belle with a self-portrait. Gaston’s marriage proposal to Belle is summed up by his words “Is it Yes? or is it Oh
Yes!”Jack Egan nailed Gaston’s character and deserves immense credit for doing so. Joe Egan as Gaston’s sidekick, La Fou added great humour to the story and was also excellent throughout. Chloe Cahill was excellent as the vivacious Babette as was Ronan Mc Evoy as Monsieur D’Arque and indeed the chorus gave outstanding performances every night. Each performance was full of presence, panache and professionalism. Well done everybody for a memorable production.