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School Principal
Mr. Garrett Buckley
Deputy Principal

Ms. Stacey Guinan

Business Studies

The Business Department aims to stimulate student’s interest in the business, accounting and economic environment.

BUSINESS STUDIES: Students benefit from business studies by learning about personal finance, enterprise and our economy. This benefits students as they develop skills those areas through group work, Classroom based assessments, presentation etc It is strongly recommended that students who wish to study Business or Accounting at Leaving Cert level choose JC Business for their Junior Cycle.

Transition year students undertake business, enterprise and accounting modules. They have the opportunity to take part in the student enterprise program where they create and sell goods and services, prepare a report and represent their school at the county enterprise final. They also learn excel and computer skills as part of their TY module

LC BUSINESS: Here a student will study all aspects of the business world. You learn about the people in business (Consumer, Producers, Investors, Interest Groups, Employers), Enterprise (Entrepreneur, Management of business, Financial management, Human Resource management, Marketing, Household Management, Starting and running your own business), Environment (Types of business, community development, Government and Business, International Business, EU, Role of ICT in Business).

How do you benefit by studying business?

  • You can make informed business decisions
  • You have a foundation for further studies
  • You understand the structure and management of Business
  • You will be able discuss current affairs in everyday life.
  • You will be able to use established commercial principles and knowledge.

LC ACCOUNTING: Here a student is provided with the knowledge, understanding and skills in accounting and financial management necessary for personal and company accounts. The learning experience in accounting develops students’ organisational, logical thinking, planning and problem solving skills for future life, work and study.

How do you benefit by studying Accounting?

For those considering studying accounting, actuarial studies, finance after the Leaving Cert or starting your own business, it would be unwise to leave accounting out of their subject choice. While it is not required specifically for studying any third level college course, it is recommended if accountancy is the career path you want to follow. It is worth noting that while a student needs to be comfortable with numbers, he or she does not need to be doing higher level maths.