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School Principal
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Chaplaincy Service

The chaplain in Gallen Community School
  • Is part of the RE team in the school and teaches religious education classes.
  • Is responsible for the spiritual and pastoral care of the people in the school community.
  • The Chaplain, as an R.E. teacher, works with the other members of the Religious Education Department in the subject planning for their department and all that this entails.
  • Is a faith presence in the school.
  • Has the privilege of walking part of life’s journey with each student
  • Present to students, staff and parents/guardians when they need to share their worries, concerns and troubles with someone in confidence.
  • Organises school masses, liturgies, pilgrimages and Para-liturgies.
  • Uses a Chaplains noticeboard to highlight key dates and events each month.
  • Provides one to one counselling for those who need it.
  • Invites outside speakers to address the students in the area of spiritual or pastoral concerns from time to time.
  • Meets all classes and students both individually and collectively.
  • Promotes different projects within the school like the John Paul 11 Awards, Student Ambassador/Amber Flag, Vincent de Paul.
  • Liaises with the Parish  and local groups on joint projects .

Spiritual Guidance

The Chaplain animates the spiritual life of the school community and  cares for the young people’s spiritual needs also. While many young people have difficulty with organised religion, they recognise their need for God. They have spirituality.

The chaplain is in the privileged position to guide students and to explore various prayer methods which bring peace and fulfilment. Working alongside the Religion Department with the school, the Chaplain ensures the school community has time to celebrate its identity in religious worship. The Chaplain facilitates during the year school masses, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, bereavement masses and term Liturgies.

Pastoral Counselling

The School Chaplain is a safe person for young people to connect with at school, providing a listening ear, caring presence, and message of hope. This means that the Chaplain is always available to each student and is willing to just sit and listen to what is going on for them at that point in their lives. Where necessary the Chaplain will liaise with parents and recognise when a student needs to be referred on to another professional.

In Gallen CS, the Chaplain is available to students throughout the school week, both in classroom settings and at the Chaplain’s office. A room is available to students where they can meet with the Chaplain. Students can use the open door policy of the Chaplain to drop in or make an appointment for a more suitable time. In addition,  a teacher or parent may refer a student if they make concerns.

 Pastoral Care in Gallen community School

The Chaplain is here to show the individual concern and love that God has for everybody. The chaplain shows care for students struggling with a wide range of obstacles, including: confusing relationships, friendship issues, peer pressure, self-esteem issues, bullying, self harm, family problems ,bereavement and separation, stress and anxiety. The Chaplain is also present to share in their joyful experiences.

The Chaplain is a member of the Pastoral Care Team where he/she can liaise with Senior Management, the  Guidance Counsellor & SEN Coordinator.  In consultation with families, in-school and /or externally sourced supports are put in place for students, where appropriate.


In personal meetings with the Chaplain the confidentiality rule is followed in accordance with child protection guidelines, i.e. the Principal and or parents/guardians are informed if it is felt that the student is in danger, a danger to him/herself or to others. The same applies if it becomes known that another person is in danger.

Parents/ guardians , please contact the Chaplain :

  1. If you as a parent , prefer or decide that your son/daughter is not to take part in RE class or attend a School Mass or Prayer service, then please inform us.

While our school ethos and culture are Christian  it is important parents and students know our school is welcoming and inclusive to students and families of all beliefs and none.

  1. If you wish to make an appointment, ring the school on 090 6453600 and your call will be forwarded to her office. If she is in class .she will get your message and call you back as soon as possible.
Ms. Jean Murray School Chaplian

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