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Constitution of Student Council





The student council of Gallen community school was revived in February 2011.  One of its first aims  was to draft a Costitution in consultation with staff representative and the Board of Management . It  will set out the general objectives and functions of the student council in our school.

Mission Statement

Gallen Community School is a caring and Christian Community, committed to quality and excellence in education and central to this is our motto “Creideamh agus Cultur”.  In this environment of faith and nurturing we aim to share with parents the spiritual, moral and intellectual formation of their children.  We pursue an educational programme, which is broad, balanced and challenging.  We pursue a pastoral care system, which encourages self esteem and promotes a sense of personal and social responsibility.  Our goal is the informed student who prizes truth, appreciates the value of learning and is mature and honourable.

Aim of Student Council

The aim of the student council in Gallen CS is to be “the voice of the student” in our school, i.e., to represent the views of the student body on matters which concern them.  We will work in partnership with our teachers and school management in the spirit of our school’s mission statement in an effort to promote our intellectual and personal development. In planning its activities, the Student council will consult with the designated liaison teacher and school management.

Activities of Student Council

The following is a list of activities that the current student council think is appropriate  but  it is expected that activities will change and  develop from year to year :

To be representatives of the school on formal occasions

To assist school management on Open Nights, meetings etc

To assist in school events, sports day

To volunteer to help out staff and/or school management when appropriate

To suggest possible activities to enhance opportunities for students.

To participate in mental health week, friendship week and other health pronmoting activities in our school.

To review and offer opinions on school policies as requested.

To organise one fund raiser each year

To hold regular meetings each term.


Student Meetings

The student council will aim to meet every two weeks on the same day, time and venue.  The date will be decided upon at the end of each previous meeting. The PRO will post a notice of a meeting one week before the due date. One third of the members must be present for a meeting to take place. If the chairperson and vice chairperson are unavailable the secretary will chair the meeting. Two thirds of the council must be present for any decision on a vote to be valid. Decisions on a vote will be made orally by each member. If the decision is tied, the chairperson will have the casting vote.

Election for members of the Student Council

Elections for a new student council will be around the Halloween break each year. At the designated time, the out -going student council assists the designated liaison teacher in helping to elect a new council.

  1. All junior classes will elect one representative.
  2. Students will be asked to nominate names of  male and female student in their class out loud. Then students will be asked to write down their vote for one boy and one girl. The liaison teacher will ensure there is a good spread of male and females on the student council so they may  have to decide if the boy or girl from that class is chosen..
  3. TY, Fifth and Sixth years will vote for a male and female representative in each year.
  4. The fifth year reps can stay on in sixth year to provide continuity to the student council,  if not re –elected again by the year group. Their job will be to assist the sixth year elected reps for that year in providing leadership and direction to the younger students.
  5. The liaison teacher will ensure there is a good spread of male and females on the student council- approximately 16 students in all.

 Officers of Student Council

  1. Chairperson
  2. Vice chairperson
  3. Secretary
  4. Vice Secretary
  5. PRO
  6. Treasurer (if deemed necessary)

 How officers will be elected:

  1. Student council  members  can propose themselves for a position on school council or be proposed by another member. If there is more than one nomination , then students will vote  by raising hands.
  2. If there is deadlock, the designated teacher makes the decision.

 Sub- Committees

We agree that sub committees may be useful at times. A sub committee could be given a specific task to complete or investigate on behalf of the whole group. The chairperson will decide on its terms of reference and the timeframe. All findings will be brought back to student council meeting and discussed before any decisions are made.

Designated Liaison Teacher

The principal in consultation with the staff will inform the student council each year who the designated staff liaison person is. We see their role as

  1. Helping to set up a Student council and draft this constitution
  2. Be a link between the student council and management.
  3. Assist in the fair organisation of elections for a new student council and elections of officers


If a treasurer is elected, he/she must record all income or expenditure in a special notebook. At the end of each school year they must give a report to the student council. The student Council will decide if any money is to be raised and what it will be used for.

Ann Kelly, school financial secretary will keep student council money on our behalf.


If a student council member misses two or more meetings without giving any explanations, the chairperson will approach the person and ask him/her to attend meetings or resign so their post can be filled. If a vacancy arises due to a member wishing to resign, the designated teacher will be asked to arrange a vote from the relevant class to elect a new class representative. If the candidate accepts he/she will remain on student council until the next new election of the student council.

 Drafting a Constitution

A sub committee was elected in March 2011 to draft a constitution for the student council with the assistance of the designated teacher. The Students present this draft to the Board of Management for their views.  

May 2011 : The Board  of Management congratulated the Student Council  on this Policy and no amendments were suggested.

Date for Review of Constitution by Student Council:  2013/2014

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