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School Principal
Mr. Garrett Buckley
Deputy Principal

Ms. Stacey Guinan

Evening Study

Supervised Evening Study will be available from Monday to Friday, excluding Wednesday’s, between 4p.m. and 6p.m. for all students commencing Monday 2nd


The cost of this facility for the academic year 2019/2020  will be as follows:

Sept. & Oct. 8 weeks:             €64 per student; €110 –family of 2

Nov. & Dec. 7 weeks:             €56 per student; €100 – family of 2

Jan-Feb. 6 weeks:                  €48 per student; €85 – famly of 2

Feb – Mar 6 weeks:                €48 per student: €85 – family of 2

Apr –  May 6 weeks:               €48 per student; €85 – family of 2

Payment must be made at the beginning of each session, i.e. September, November, January, February and April.  The option is available to pay the above charges securely online with your debit or credit card by logging onto the school database on https://gallencs.vsware.ie User name and password is available from the school if required.The onus is on each student to attend study and their attendance will be recorded each day in their school journal.

Any student interested in attending the superivsed evening study should present themselves on Monday evening next, 2nd  September, in Lecture Room 2 at 4p.m.

E. Hogan