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School Principal
Mr. Garrett Buckley
Deputy Principal

Ms. Stacey Guinan

Fifth Year Book List 2021/2022

Subject Book
ENGLISH Poetry New Explorations, Complete LC Poetry (Gill)

Shakespearean Drama Macbeth (Mentor)

Comparative Texts

IRISH Spreagadh Textbook, Ordinary Level  (Gill)


Samhlaoicht Textbook, Higher Level (Gill)

MATHS Active Maths 3, Book 1, (2014+), Ordinary Level, (Folens)

Active Maths 3, Book 2, (2014+), Ordinary Level, (Folens)


Active Maths 4, Book 1, (2014+), Higher Level, (Folens)

Active Maths 4, Book 2, (2014+), Higher Level, (Folens)

FRENCH Tout va Bien!, 2nd Edition, (Folens)
HISTORY Modern Europe, (Dermot Lucey 4th edition) (Gill)

Modern Ireland, (Gerard Brockie & Raymond Walsh 3rd Edition) (Gill)

GEOGRAPHY Earth – Michael Organ, HL & OL (Educate.ie)
BUSINESS Leaving Cert Business Express – 2nd Edition (Mentor)
ACCOUNTANCY Accounting for Senior Cycle (Edco)
HOME ECONOMICS Complete Home Economics (Leanne Gillick & Laura Healy), (educate.ie)
PHYSICS Real World Physics Textbook, Dan O’Regan (Folens)
BIOLOGY Leaving Certificate Biology, HL & OL, Michael O’Callaghan (Edco)
AG. SCIENCE Breaking Ground, New Specification, LC Ag Science, 3rd Edition, (Edco)
CHEMISTRY Chemistry Live! Textbook set, 2nd Edition (Folens)

Chemistry Live! Workbook, 2nd Edition (Folens)

Chemistry Live! Student Laboratory Notebook. 2nd Edition (Folens)



Get Constructive, A modern approach to Construction Studies, HL & OL, (Educate.ie)
D. C. G. Graphics in Design & Communication, Plane and Solid Geometry, David Anderson, Book 1 – Gill Education

Graphics in Design & Communication, CAD and Applied Graphics, David Anderson, Book 2 – Gill Education

ENGINEERING LC Engineering, (Brighter Minds)
VISUAL STUDIES New Appreciating Art, Aine Ni Charthaigh, Aidan O’Sullivan, (Gill)
PHYSICAL EDUCATION Peak Performance (Folens)
MUSIC Higgins and Higgins

Notes Textbook

RELIGION Resources and texts supplied in class