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Fifth Year Book List


5TH YEAR, BOOK LIST 2019- 2020

Student Name: ______________________

Subject Book Cost Received Returned
ENGLISH Poetry New Explorations, Complete LC Poetry (Gill) Shakesperean Drama – King Lear (Mentor) Comparative Texts €28.45   €10.95      
IRISH Spreagadh Textbook, Ordinary Level  (Gill) Spreagadh Workbook, Ordinary Level     Samhlaoicht Textbook, Higher Level (Gill) Samhlaoicht Workbook, Higher Level (Gill) €32.95 €7.95   €33.95 €7.95      
MATHS Active Maths 3, Book 1, (2014+), Ordinary Level, (Folens), (Includes Activity Book) Active Maths 3, Book 2, (2014+), Ordinary Level, (Folens), (Textbook Only)   Active Maths 4, Book 1, (2014+), Higher Level, (Folens), (Includes Activity Book) Active Maths 4, Book 2, (2014+), Higher Level, (Folens), (Textbook Only) €17.50   €17.50     €22.80     €22.80    
FRENCH Tout va Bien!, 2nd Edition, (Folens) Tout va Bien!, 2nd Edition, Grammar Workbook only. (Folens) €36.95 €3.00      
HISTORY Modern Europe, (Dermot Lucey 4th edition) (Gill)   Modern Ireland, (Gerard Brockie & Raymond Walsh 3rd Edition) (Gill) €35.95     €35.95      
GEOGRAPHY Earth – Michael Organ, HL & OL (Educate.ie) €19.95      
BUSINESS Leaving Cert Business Express – 2nd Edition (Mentor)   €31.95      
ACCOUNTANCY Lifeline, Textbook and Workbook set, 2nd Edition, Enright & Flynn, (Folens)   Lifeline Workbook, 2nd Edition, (Folens) €38.95     €8.00    
HOME ECONOMICS   Complete, Home Economics (Leanne Gillick & Laura Healy), HL & OL, (educate.ie)   Complete, Food Studies Assignment Guide (educate.ie) €19.95     €5.95      
PHYSICS Real World Physics Textbook, Dan O’Regan (Folens) Real World Physics Workbook, Dan O’Regan (Folens)   €33.95   €7.50      
BIOLOGY Leaving Certificate Biology, HL & OL, Michael O’Callaghan (Edco) €34.95      
AG. SCIENCE   Breaking Ground, New Specification, LC Ag Science, 3rd Edition, (Edco) €39.95      
CHEMISTRY Chemistry Live! Textbook set, 2nd Edition (Folens) Chemistry Live! Workbook, 2nd Edition (Folens) Chemistry Live! Student Laboratory Notebook. 2nd Edition (Folens) Revise Chemistry Live! Revision book. (Folens) €39.95   €7.00   €11.60   €11.40    
CONSTRUCTION STUDIES Get Constructive, A modern approach to Construction Studies, HL & OL, (Educate.ie) €19.95      
D. C. G. Graphics in Design & Communication, Plane and Solid Geometry, David Anderson, Book 1 – Gill Education   Graphics in Design & Communication, CAD and Applied Graphics, David Anderson, Book 2 – Gill Education €32.99        
ENGINEERING New Engineering Technology, 3rd Edition, (Edco) €39.95    
ART Appreciation and History of Art, Aidan O’Sullivan, (Gill) €30.95    
RELIGION   The Inner Place, Tom Gunning, Textbook (Veritas) The Inner Place, Tom Gunning, Student Workbook (Veritas) €22.50   €5.50      
MUSIC Soundscapes (Waltons)      

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