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Gallen  CS   held  its annual  awards ceremony  in the  school on  Friday   October 24 last. Kevin  Doyle,a  Ferbane   native  and  now  News  Editor of   the  Irish  Independent   was Guest of  Honour   on the  night and   other  Guests were  Mr Frank  Kearns Chairperson  Gallen  CS  Board of  Management,  Mr  Eamon  Dooley  ,  Board of  Management,  Mrs  Margaret  Healy,  Parents  Council and  Mr   Frank   Sugrue.

Mrs  Ursula  Finnegan  ,  Principal Gallen  CS,  welcomed all present and  spoke of  the importance  of students to strive for  excellence in their studies.  She referenced  the  Transition  Year as  helping  students to  achieve  independent and self-directed  learning and  stressed that  excellence  is  never thrust  upon  any individual  but  that excellence is  achieved through effort and  determination.  She  noted that  the  strong  links  forged  between  Gallen CS  ,  Ericsson  and Atlantic Corridor with the corresponding  emphasis on the STEM  [ Science ,  Technology ,  Engineering and  Maths]  subjects in our school  over the last few years is  now  bearing fruit as our  top  7  students   in  the 2014  Leaving  Certificate  from  Gallen CS  have all gone on to  study Science at third level  and many more are studying engineering and IT courses .

Mr  Frank  Kearns  in a short address thanked Mr Irwin for all his work  in the past and wished  him well in his  new role in ACCS  and was  delighted that Mrs  Finnegan and  Mrs  Scully  have made an excellent start  as a new management team and wished them well.

It was then time to present the awards. The  First  Year  Awards  with the  Criteria  of  Best  results  in 7  Subjects in Summer   Tests 2014  went  to  Thomas   Kerr  and   Katie  Rigney   of  St  Manchans . Each  student  was presented with a  book  inscribed with  personal  citations  by  Mrs  Margaret  Healy. The  Second  Year  Awards   with the  Criteria of  best results  in    7  subjects  at  Higher  Level Summer  Tests  2014 went  to  Tara  Dunican [  St   Ciarans] and Shane  Hynes [  St  Cynocs] . Mrs  Scully ,  Deputy  Principal  presented each  student  with  a  Book inscribed  with a personal  citation.Junior  Certificate  Awards   went  to students who achieved excellence in Junior Certificate results including Lauren  Daly  ,  Adrian  Hynes and  Sarah  Kenny. The  Medallion  Award  presented  on the basis of the    best results  in 10  subjects at Higher  Level  in  Junior  Certificate 2014  went  jointly to  Steve  Ann  Buckley and  Sophie  Devery. The  Fifth  Year   Winners with the   Criteria  being     best results in   6  subjects  at  Higher  Level  in  Summer  Tests 2014 went to   Claire  Egan and  Colin  Kenny.  They were presented    with a Book with   Personal citations   by Mr Eamon Dooley.

Mr  Eamon  Dooley  also presented   the  Laois  Offaly  ETB  Gaeltacht  Scholarshipsto  Sarah  Coughlan and  Tara  Dunican  as well as the  Laois  Offaly  ETB   Euro  Language  Scholarship  to  Celine  Camon and  Colin  Kenny.  Mr  Francis  Mulhall,  Teacher  Representative  on the  Gallen CS   Board of  Management presented  Claire  Egan with   the  Gallen  CS   Board of  Management  Gaeltacht  Scholarship.

It was then time to present   the Gaisce   Silver and Bronze Awards. Mrs Finnegan thanked Ms Aoife  Kelly  Gallen CS   for  her  promotion and implementation  of  Gaisce in Gallen CS and invited her to say a few words .  Ms  Kelly spoke  of  the  history of  Gaisce  and  the   criteria  needed  to  achieve  Bronze  and  Silver  Medal    awards.  Ms  Kelly  recounted  the  students  memories  of the 100 km   cycle   incorporating   a loop  from  Ferbane  via  Birr  and  back to  Ferbane.  She noted that 20 students are doing the Silver Awards this year.Silver  Award Recipients  who got their awards: Celine  Camon,  Lucas  Corrigan,  Sarah  Coughlan,  Faye  Donoghue,  Amy  Dunican,  Chloe  Egan ,  Claire  Egan,  Joseph  Egan,  Conor  Kelly ,  Colin Kenny,  Michelle  Lyons ,  Brian McEvoy,  Ronan mc  Evoy,  Robyn McIntyre,  Kevin  Nugent,  Zoe  Rooney,  Donal   Ryan  and  Anthony Seery.

The  Bronze  Awards went to all the 2013-14 TY   students with the  medals and  certificates  presented by  Ms  Aoife  Kelly and Mr  Kevin  Doyle.

The  sterling work  done  by 5th year  student  Josh  Connon in raising over 10,000 euro  for   the  purchase of  a  single  scull  boat  for  use in the Tullamore rowing  club was given  noteworthy mention.

The  Excellence in  Agricultural  Science ,  Biology and  Geography  Award for  best  Leaving  Certificate  result in the subject went to   Brian  Dillon.  Brian is  now  studying  Science at  NUIG   and was presented with his award   by Ms  Ann  Marie  Brennan   and   Mr  Kevin  Doyle.The Excellence in Biology Award for best Leaving Certificate result in the subject went to Ruth Hennessy.  Ruth is   studying   PE   and Biology at DCU and the award was presented by Ms Noirin Buckley and Mr   Kevin Doyle.The  John  Sugrue  Memorial  Cup  for   Art  based  on  best  Leaving  Certificate result  and  imagination , willingness to learn  and participation in  class went to  Ian  Gavin   and  Lauren  Egan.  Ian   is completing an  Art Portfolio in Moate Business College and Lauren is studying Art at Limerick College of Art and Design.  The   Awards  were  presented  by  Mr Frank  and  Mrs  Anne  Sugrue who  are great supporters of the  school.  Mr Frank Sugrue spoke warmly of the excellence opportunities young people have today on our  new school building at Gallen CS.

The  Board of  Management Scholarships Awards go to the  student[s] who received  over 500 points in the 2014  Leaving  Certificate . This year they were awarded to Claire  Anne  Kearns,[ studying Science in UCD] Diarmuid  Connon [  studying  Physics and  Astrophysics in  NUIM], Ailbhe Doolan  [  studying  Optometry in  DIT]  and Matthew  Murphy  [ studying Biopharmaceutical  Science in  NUIG].  The   bursary and trophies were presented by Mr Frank Kearns and Mr Kevin Doyle.

The  final  award of the   evening  was the  Cluny  Scholarship presented  by  Mr  Kevin  Doyle and  Mrs  Finnegan to the  student with the  Best  Leaving  Certificate  results  in 2014.  Stephen Mannion is a worthy  recipient of this award as Stephen achieved 565   points in his Leaving Certificate and is now studying Pharmacy in Trinity College. We wish all our award winners the best best of luck as they continue their studies at Third Level.

Kevin  Doyle  then gave an address where he spoke  wittily  of his  school  memories and  traced  for  us  his   career in journalism  up  to  his  present post. Kevin stressed how important it is for young people to be ambitious and appreciate the opportunities now presented in school. He spoke of the need not to limit oneself and stressed how important it is to start afresh   and always seek   new challenges. He also spoke of how the  friends you have in school are   there to  keep you grounded .The  Ferbane   area   is  very   proud of  Kevin’s  achievements in the world of journalism and to  thank Kevin for returning to us on this night. To show our appreciation  Mrs Finnegan  presented Kevin with  a  book  with essays by Viriginia Wolff.

Mrs  Scully  Deputy  Principal,   concluded the  night   by reminding all present , that  Gallen CS is a  school that strives to  do its  best by its students and we are lucky to be a part of the wider community in Ferbane, a community that cares for its young people and Mrs Finnegan and herself will continue to work hard on both these premises. Mrs  Scully  thanked  the students who did so well, their parents for their encouragement and support . She also thanked Mrs  Breen , for   her assistance in  sourcing some of the awards  presented on the night. A most  enjoyable   night  concluded with  the   customary  refreshments.