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Gallen C.S News Updates Dec 1st 2014 : Connaught Schools Junior League Winners




On the 26th of  November  Gallen CS  took on Athlone CC  in  the final of the Connacht Junior League  Cup  Final in Ballyhaunis  Co  Mayo.The first half started off with Gallen   kicking off to Athlone CC. Gallen  defended brilliantly  with  Clive Keena stopping Athlone CC   full back in his tracks with a very well timed tackle. Gallen were awarded a penalty which Sean Flynn kicked to the corner to put Gallen in a very good attacking position. The first half saw errors by both sides who were understandably nervous on the occasion. This saw penalties being conceded by both sides. Gallen eventually found their feet and the Gallen backs began to make some decisive and threatening attacking plays which put Athlone CC under pressure.Athlone  came  back into the  game and some  great tackling   by  Aaron o  Reilly ,  Jamie  Kelly and  Lorcan  Daly as well as  some  defensive  clearances  by Sean  Flynn stopped  Athlone CC   going ahead.Athlone CC   missed a penalty on the  call of half time leaving  it scoreless at the  break.Athlone CC began the second half brightly, pinning Gallen CS   in their own half but Gallen held strong with Aaron o Reilly once again to the fore in making tackles.

After a great  run through the  Athlone CC   defence   by Luke  Gavin Mangan ,  Gallen were awarded a penalty which David  Nally slotted over to give Gallen a 3-0 lead. Athlone hit  back and their pressure was rewarded when their number 2  crashed over for a   try  converted  by their  number 12 , leaving the score Gallen  CS  3  Athlone  CC 7. Aaron O  Reilly  made a great run for  Gallen and earned  them a penalty which  David Nally  put over to reduce the margin to one point ,  Gallen 6  Athlone CC 7. Gallen   then got the decisive match winning score when a great run by Sean Flynn lead to a pass to full back    Nathan Poland who dived over for the try.  Gallen were now in front and showed great courage and determination with Nathan Poland coming close to a score on another occasion.  Gallen held on to   take the league   crown.

Gallen C.S  Team was -Ruairi  Carroll ,  Griffin  Dunican ,  David  Gavin , Sean Ibbotson ,  Aaron  o Reilly, Conor  Kenny ,  Lorcan  Daly ,  Ethan  Rowe mc  Cormack ,  Max Feehan ,  Sean  Flynn,  Clive Keena ,  Jamie  Kelly,  Luke  Gavin Mangan,  David  Nally  and  Nathan Poland.  Subs –  Jason Tully,  Lorcan  Buckley ,  Oliver  Cusack ,  Javier  Diaz.   Manager – Mr Steven McGrath.

Thanks to Adrian Hynes TY for the compilation of this article.

Gallen’s roll of honour at junior rugby now reads, Connacht Junior Development Cup Winners 2013 and 2014 and Connacht Junior League winners 2014.

College Awareness week 2014

It was a  busy place in Gallen CS last week  as we highlighted the inaugural College Awareness week. On Monday Kay Mitchell from NUIM spoke to all the sixth years about their study and what they need to focus on in researching for college next year. Kay also addressed  a large group  of sixth year parents that night with Mrs Finnegan and covered a range of topics: what parents need to know about third level and the challenges many young people face, the CAO process, DARE, HEAR, Accomodation, Money, SUSI .  First years were treated to two talks this week. Annette from AIT spoke about our local third level college and all the possibilities open to young students in the future. Paul and Sachin from Ericsson summary to first year follows. Fifth years have had a number of speakers this year and this week it was the turn of Moate Business College . TYs travelled to NUI Maynooth Open Day last Friday with MS Donnelly and many attended three talks and said they found it worthwhile. All these events aim to support the students and the work of the teachers in encouraging our students to work hard and aspire to continuing in further and higher education which so many of our students do as evidenced by the national press this week.

Ericssons:  Connectivity, Life and Technology.

On Monday our Transition and Second Years enjoyed an informative talk from two software engineers employed by Ericssons in Athlone.  Ericssons employ over 110,000 people in 80 different countries around the world.  Over 40% of the world’s internet traffic is processed through their network in Athlone.

They defined a network as the interaction between People Things Interactivity and Big Ideas and provided interesting examples of how far our internet networks have developed in the last twenty years. Their most recent innovation is the refining of the 5G network and by 2020 they aim to have 50 billion connected devices around the world (6 devices per connected person).

Students surprised the two engineers with their clever and insightful questions.  Ericssons motto is “Sleep Less.  Dream More”, their work is all about ideas and certainly some of our students had some ideas about the future of technology.

Two of our Transition year students Steve Anne and Sarah took part in a TY specialist programme in Ericsson last week and hot off the press Friday  evening we heard the girls were  on the winning team , more information  and pictures next week..