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Gallen C.S News Updates Sep 23rd 2013

ty glendaloughJUNIOR   CERT –   congratulations  to  our  students for their excellent   results. These results  are testament to the  hard work and  dedication of our students and their teachers. We look forward to our Academic Awards night in October where some of these students will be commended.

HIGHER OPTIONS –    6th  year students  accompanied  by  Mrs Finnegan attended the  Higher  Options   conference last  Wednesday.  It  was a  most informative and enjoyable  trip  for our students as they embark upon those   all important academic  and  career   choices.

GLENDALOUGH TRIP- thanks to  Mrs  Breen and  Ms Reynolds for  accompanying our  TY    group on  a  most  enjoyable  trip to  a  wonderful  place of scenic  beauty  and spiritual  reflection last  Wednesday.

DEAR –  Our ” Drop  Everything and  Read” continued  last week for  first years.  It is  a most worthwhile  initiative which   sees  students read  an  appropriate  book of  their  choice  in  class  .  This   is   a  fun  and  enjoyable  way of  helping our  students  engage in  a meaningful  way  with the  world of reading.

SCIENCE  CLUB –  continues at  lunchtimes.

RESEARCH AND  STUDY –   continues  in  the  school   library each week from 4-5pm.

LUNCHTIME  IN THE  LIBRARY –  this  very  worthwhile initiative sees  our students engage  with  literature in  an  enjoyable  and informal  way.

TY ENTERPRISE  TALK-   our  TY   group  attended a   worthwhile   Enterprise  talk in  our  school on  Thursday  last.

CONGRATS –  to   St  Ciaran’s on  winning the  Offaly  Ladies  Junior  football  title  recently.


As part of the Ferbane parish mission, a team whose focus was on outreach to young people, came into our school during each of the R. E. classes,  and worked with our students from the 9th -13th Sept. The team consisted of Fr. John Keane, and two lay people who also work with the Ceili  community, Shirley Mc Clean,  and Bernie Farrell. They were a vibrant group whose open, interactive and honest approach to our faith evoked a very positive response from all of our students. The team encouraged each student to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ who loves each one of us.

They gave their own personal testimonies. They told stories, performed dramas from scripture and from life, played music, and answered any questions which arose along the way.  Our students enjoyed this experience very much. They said it encouraged them to seek answers to life’s questions in the right way, and in the right places.

On behalf of our students and the members of  our  R.E. department in Gallen Community School I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Ceili  Community school team, and wish them God’s continued blessing on their work throughout the year. E .Breen.