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Gallen CS staged their 26th annual musical production in the school last week. This year’s musical was an adaptation of Charles Dicken’s timeless classic ” Oliver” and the show lived up to the finest traditions of  theatre  that has been the hallmark of Gallen CS musicals down the years.

Ava o Connor was excellent in the lead role . Ava played the demanding role of  Oliver with a maturity    that belied the fact that Ava  is just in second Year. Her acting and singing talents  were given full and free expression as the audience empathised with Oliver’s struggle for  a family and for justice. The poignant rendition of ” Where is Love ? ” resonated with the audience as Oliver struggled to find a place in society .

Cailum Woods was excellent as Fagin, ” Master of Thieves”. We know Fagin is fond of picking a pocket or two but Cailum’s  faithful portrayal  of the master villain also showed the private side of Fagin . Cailum’s portrayal of  a man looking for companionship  yet struggling to choose between being a villain to the end or  resolving to say ” Bye , Bye Badman” was  for this reviewer  one of the highlights of the show.

Choe Healy was very strong vocally and was excellent in her portrayal of Nancy. Nancy is a good girl trapped in a bad world and Chloe helped to bring this theme into play as she wrestled with her conscience, dying a  violent death to help bring  Oliver to safety. There was something sad about a life unfulfilled  as Nancy sang the ironically titled    “It’s a Fine Life” surrounded as she was,  by a band of thieves.

Sam Flynn was excellent as the chillingly evil Bill Sykes .  His menacing arrival  in the Three Cripples pub where he tells all present how his name puts fear into people, being a fitting  example of Syke’s relentless evil. Ross Mc Loughlin was excellent as the suave and jolly Artful Dodger being the counterpoint to Syke’s brooding menace. Ffion Anderson was excellent as the calm Mr Sowerberry  whose acerbic wife was excellently played by Katie Moran. Calvin Fox Keena was excellent as Mr Bumble as was Amber Poland as Widow Corney. Nicole Buckley was very good as Bet  and Rachel Bracken as Old Sally.

Paul Coughlan gave a sterling portrayal as the humanitarian Dr Brownlow who is joyfully reunited with his Grandson Oliver.

Cian Egan  as Dr Grimwig , Kieran Hurd as the provocative  Noah Claypole , Aoibhe Kelly as Charlotte and Jenny Darcy as Mrs Bedwin all reprised their roles with great relish.

A word of praise for some excellent singing cameos from the first-year girls : Megan Dunican,  Vanessa Claffey , Liadh Dalton , Megan Henson , Maedhbh Keenaghan , Mary Coughlan, Lauren Reynolds , Lilly Anne Taylor Loonam , Faye McLoughlin   and Hannah Connon . Some future lead roles there surely?

The Victorian street backdrops , the fantastically constructed and painted sets and the glittering array of costumes all bore  ample testimony to the hard work and dedication put in since last October by cast and crew.

A word of commendation for an  excellent show to Mr . Michael MacCartáin , Producer and Set  Construction  , Mrs. Derval  Scully Choreographer , Mrs. Evelyn Breen  Costume Designer and Ms . Heather Bracken  Musical Director.

Credit also goes to Ms . Josephine Mc Keogh and TYs for the Set Design and Painting , Mr . Michael Lenihan and John Doyle for assisting with Set Construction and IT , Mr. Deery  and Ms. Kelly Stage Management and to Ms Kennedy , Mrs E. MacCartáin , Ms. Marie Power , Jack Rabbitte and Ciaran Rabbitte  the musicians.

Last but not least many thanks  to the Transition Year   group who did  a fantastic job over many weeks in a variety of ways to make  the show such a success.

“Please Sir , can we have some more ?” sums up this successful musical.



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