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Gallen CS News Updates Oct 15th 2018

Looking after our Mental Health :

Sixth years were prioritized last week during Mental Health Week  and while the Student Ambassadors celebrate Go Orange Day  in February , last week the religion teachers and the chaplain organised two talks  for the Leaving Certificate students. Four members from Cuin Mhuire Centre Athy in Kildare  gave moving accounts of their struggles with Alcohol , Drug and Gambling addictions  and how they rebuilding their lives with the help from Sr Consilio and the staff in Cuin Mhuire. They spoke with frankness and cautioned the students about minding themselves in social situations and look for enjoyment in friendships and sport and activities without the need for alcohol.

Later in the week Kate from Jigsaw in Tullamore spoke about The improtance of all of us minding our Mental Health which is like a scales and can go back and forth depending on the situations we find ourselves in. She spoke about the normal stresses that are okay but resilience and courage is needed to overcome some situations which we will face. Jigsaw in Tullamore provides a counselling service for students from 12-23  and students, parents or teachers can contact the service to seek advice. Their number is 05793 52871


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