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Gallen CS News Updates Sep. 5th 2016

Welcome to those of you returning after your summer break and a special welcome to all the first years (pictured in our photo)who are joining us in Gallen Community School for the first time. We hope you will enjoy your time in our school and will try your  best in all your classes. Welcome also to our new parent/ guardians  and we look forward to meeting with you at our Information night at the end of September.

This year we want to challenge our students a little more in your own engagement of learning and the information in their  journal about this will be explored more with them in class during the year. We will have a workshop for parents too in mid September on this topic.

In our Entrance Hall we have a lovely piece of artwork that last year Transition year students made . It says  :

“There is a ladder to success, choose to climb it”

We believe our school is the ladder for all students and if they take advantage of all the opportunities that will be presented to them , treat all people with respect so they can make friends, actively participate in their classes and in school life, do their homework well to foster independent learning then they will be successful  like so many of our past students.

Remember  “Success is the peace of mind coming from knowing that I have done the very best I can with the ability I have”.    This is an achievable goal  for all of us, let’s make it happen this year!

Go n-éirí go geal leat, Mrs Finnegan.

first years on the first day

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