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A ” Green wave ” swept through Gallen CS  last Friday , May 24, as Gallen CS  students assembled in front of the School to  articulate their feelings  about the lack of action in halting the damage being done to our Environment .Students had earlier signed a petition  supporting  action to save our world. Students held  banners aloft  supporting a cleaner , greener world.

It was apt that the day for Climate Action  took place on the day of the Local   and European Elections  where climate issues were to the fore.

Inspired by 16-year Greta Thunberg’s Environmental Activism and spearheaded in the School by Ms.  Molloy- Roche and a group of Third Year Students  , the day of action began when  students assembled  beside  the Fuinneamh an tSaoil  sculpture . This was  an apt location as  Fuinneamh An tSaoil means ”  Energy of Life” which is exactly the hopes  we have for  green energy  breathing new  life  into our world and renewing our climate.

Ms. Molloy- Roche spoke of Climate Change  being the greatest issue confronting humanity. She cited Greta Thunberg and referred to the need for solidarity and unity of purpose in coming together to  reverse  the effects  of climate change. Ms. Molloy -Roche  spoke of ” schoolchildren acting as leaders” and this effectively captured the spirit of the occasion in Gallen CS .

Ava Grace Egan , third Year, outlined the stark realities of  climate change . She spoke of one million  species being made extinct  and outlined the fact that a 2 degree rise in temperature would see a rise in sea levels with the knock-on effect of leaving 10 million people homeless.

Wiktoria Leszcznska , a third-year student , outlined some solutions. She referred to retro- fitting of houses, aiming for zero carbon rates. She stated the importance of  the need to  rebalance  the spend on transport to be two thirds spending on public transport and walking / cycling and she stressed that  farming is an integral part of Irish life but    that there is no reason why it can’t be  fully sustainable.


Mrs. Finnegan  appealed to students to continue to be leaders in the campaign for a greener world.

Thanks to all who organised this very successful Day for Climate Action.


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