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Deputy Principal

Ms. Stacey Guinan


Geography plays a key role in the development of our students.

Geography is the study of people and how they interact with their world.

It helps students to develop an understanding of the physical, social and economic processes which shape the environment which we live in.

Young people today are living in an ever increasing multi-cultural society where there are vast inequalities (both socially and economically) and in a time where there is growing concern over the worlds environment.

With this in mind the study of Geography we feel can make a vital contribution in developing students’ social conscience as well as empowering them to become more effective members of society and bring about change in the world.

“The study of Geography is about more than just memorizing places on a map.  It’s about understanding the complexity of our world…” Barack Obama 2012.

Geography is now an optional subject at Junior cycle. Our current 1st years have been busy creating excellent models of Volcanoes and Earthquakes which has reinforced the learning in the classroom.

1st, 2nd and 3rd year students are now all following the new Junior cycle Geography course where classroom based assessments (CBAs) are completed in 2nd and 3rd year and go towards the final grade. A common level exam is completed in June at the end of 3rd year.

In Transition year students get the opportunity to complete a mini field study of the local River Brosna taking their learning outside of the classroom. Transition Year students also carry out research projects based on some of the various world regions they will encounter should they decide to take up Geography at Senior Cycle, including the Burren, The Paris Basin, The Mezzogiorno, and Ireland’s Gaeltacht areas.

Senior cycle Geography involves the study of physical, regional and economic aspects of Geography. The exam involves answering short questions in section one along with several essay style answers in section two. A 20 % project must also be completed by all students.