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Guide to filling in a CAO form.


( The following is only a  guide for for students and parents who wish to apply independently, All sixth year students will get a full demonstration and many classes devoted to the CAO application process and can complete their full application in school.)


The CAO Application process opens on Nov 2013 – 1st Feb 2014.

If students wish to avail of discount rate of €25, they need to apply before Jan 20th either by using a laser/visa card, a prepaid credit card  or completed Bank Giro Form.


  • Log on to website www.cao.ie
  • Enter Site.
  • Click on Apply if you are a first time user after that you can check your account by going through My Application.
  • Read through the instructions and then click on Proceed with Application.
  • Personal Details section:  Complete carefully, check postal address and tick box, include mobile number and email address. You need to use a password also .
  • From previous discussion with parents and guidance counsellor you will know if the Disability/Specific Learning Difficulty and HEAR/DARE section applies to you. ( Please refer to relevant career newsletter on school server about both programmes).
  • Qualifications & Assessment Section tick no. 1.
  • Payments Section– use paid Application Fee payment form/ laser /credit card here. Make sure all sections are completed.
  • Tick the Terms & Conditions section.
  • Proceed with application.

 Stage 2

  • A new screen will appear with your CAO number– if you have provided a mobile number it will be sent by text to your phone at this point, otherwise write it down in case you accidently log off.
  • Scroll down and Log in using your CAO number, date of birth and your password if you have given an email address.
  • Second level education – name of school, address and years attended.
  • Repeat students: Enter the year you did First Leaving cert and your exam number for that year.


Stage 3

  • Course Choices
  • Level 8: Honours degree courses can be now entered.
  • Level 7 & 6 : Ordinary degree and Higher Certificate courses can now be entered. 


  • Read over your entire application
  • Print out a copy of your application  using icon at tab on top of the page.
  • Remember you can make changes to your courses from May 1st to July 1st but do so with care and further discussion with parents/guardians and guidance counsellor.

Good Luck !








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