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School Principal
Mr. Garrett Buckley
Deputy Principal

Ms. Stacey Guinan



The cornerstone of the Gallen C.S ethos is Creideamh agus Cultúr and history with it’s emphasis on identity, place and ethos is wonderfully placed to help students explore and appreciate the richness and diversity of local European and World History.

In 1st Year history students are introduced to topics such as the meaning of History and prehistory, Archaeology, the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages and Roman Civilisations. Modern methods of fun and interactive learning are used such as podcasts/you tube clips as well as Kahoot quizzes to engage the students with history and bridge the gap between primary and first year history.


In 2nd year students study topics such as Exploration and Conquest, Reformation, Plantations, Political Revolutions in Ireland, France and America as well as the Great Famine.


Second Year history also sees the students engage in their First Classroom Based Assessment (CBA1) which is entitled “The past in my place” whereby students will present on a topic they have chosen from their surrounding area, recent examples have included Clonmacnoise and Birr Castle.


In 3rd year students will undertake their second CBA assessment entitled “A life in time “and here students will individually undertake a research study of a historical figure of European or World importance. Students will also conclude their 3 years of history study with their junior cert history exam.

At Leaving Certificate level, students study the following 4 topics-Irish, Northern Irish, European and American history, aswell as undertaking a research study of a topic of their choice which is to be submitted in April of 6th year. Class sizes at leaving cert level are smaller than junior cert level and cater for all students which ensures classes are full of historical debate and critical thinking, using the most modern methods of ICT and learning.