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School Principal
Mr. Garrett Buckley
Deputy Principal

Ms. Stacey Guinan

IT Rules

Use of computers and IT facilities in the school is a privilege and not a right.

Abuse is considered serious and sanctions will occur. – Access entails responsibility.

  • Passwords to be kept private and NOT shared.
  • Computers are for “Educational Use” ONLY.
  • Downloading Obscene, Pornographic or banned material is prohibited.
    (Accessing such sites accidentally must be reported IMMEDIATELY!)
  • Email attachments NOT to be opened.
  • Sending or displaying offensive messages forbidden, as is harassment or insults to others.
  • Never divulge personal details over the internet i.e. name, address, phone no. or photos and NEVER arrange to meet someone over the internet!
  • Only approved chat rooms/discussion forums may be used with teacher’s permission.
  • Purchase of goods or services is prohibited, including subscribing to Internet Services.
  • Downloading Music or Pictures for personal use is not allowed.
  • Downloading non-approved software is prohibited.
  • Use of personal memory i.e. USB memory requires teachers prior permission and must be scanned for potential viruses.
  • Use of printer should be utilised resourcefully and only with the teachers permission
  • For Health & Safety reason, “Food or Drink” may NOT be consumed while working at a computer or brought into the computer room.