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School Principal
Mr. Garrett Buckley
Deputy Principal

Ms. Stacey Guinan

Parents Association


Ferbane Ann Beirne

Vincent Egan

Arlene Guinan

Yvonne Healy

Enda McIntyre

Rashina/Doon/Ballinahown Deirdre Brazil

Paul Fitzgerald


Shannonbridge Larry Rohan  Chairperson


Pullough /Oughter Richard Fox

Michelle McLoughlin Secretary


Ballycumber /Dernagun Lynne Grennan

Geraldine Keena

Boora/ Lumcloon/Cloghan Linda Connaughton


High Street/Belmont Claire Nugent

Jimmy Cahill

Report of Parents Association 2017/2018

Member of the Parents Association were happy to stay on as members with new parent representatives been bought in for Ballycumber and Cloghan and parents of new first years were also invited to join the PA.

Meetings were held in Classroom 1 in the school.  There were four Parent Associations meeting held during the 2017/2018 academic year and there was excellent discussion and contributions from all members. Arlene Guinan continued as secretary Geraldine Keena was elected chairperson.

In late September, Geraldine Kenna addressed parents of first years at a meeting and spoke about the role of the Parents Association and how they as parents/guardians can assist their son/daughter in school.

There was a workshop held for all parents/guardians from ZEEKO, based in UCD on how to become more knowledgeable about new internet technologies and ensure their children as safe using the internet. It was a very informative and thought-provoking meeting and well attended. It was agreed later in the year that perhaps Pat McKenna from Childwatch should be contacted for 2018 /19 to address all students again.

The following are some of the range of topics discussed at meetings and worked on over the year by the Parents Association.

  • Matters arising from BOM Reports & Principal Reports
  • Update on the reports from NDFA and DES on the safety of the riverbank.
  • Ant Bullying Policy
  • Critical Incident Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • TY Enrolment Policy
  • SSE Engagement in Learning
  • Junior Cycle, CBA’s and JCSP
  • School attendance /uniform
  • Academic Awards
  • School Musical
  • Workshops for students 2017/18 and suggested ones for 2018/19
  • Circular on Religious Education in Schools
  • Data Protection and GDPR
  • Agreement on procedures for election of new Parents Association and parent’s nominees for the new Board of Management.

The following were the activities that the parent’s association got involved in during the year:

  • Supporting our charity cycle with the Lynx cycling club I September 2017 and Lough Boora Easter Sunday 2018.
  • Supporting the workshop on Internet technology.
  • Attending Irish Dancing Ceili in Nov 2017
  • Active involvement in the review of school Policies
  • Academic Awards afternoon
  • Refreshments during the week of the School Musical


  • Report of Parents Association 2015/2016

2015/2016 was a very active year for the Parents Association in Gallen CS. We had a new committee elected for a 2 year term and our meetings were held in Classroom 1 in the school.  There were five Parent Associations meeting held during the 2015/2016 academic year and there was excellent discussion and contributions from all members. Rosemarie McLynn was appointed secretary and Geraldine Keena was elected chairperson.

One of the highlights of the year was being asked to host the PACCS conference on April 16th which the Parents Association were delighted to do so.  Members of PACCS addressed one of our meetings in October to explain the work of PACCS and to encourage parents to be active in their own Parents Association. Two members of Gallen CS Parents Association attended a planning meeting in Dublin also. The PACCS conference was a very informative day with good workshops on helping students with SEN, positive mental health and parenting. We were presented with a pull up banner from ACCS on the day which we can use for our own school functions.

The following are some of the range of topics discussed at meetings and worked on over the year by the Parents Association.

  • Matters arising from BOM Reports
  • Matters arising from Principal Reports
  • Flooding at Christmas and requests for reply from NDFA and DES.
  • Policy on Foreign Tours
  • Policy on Taking in overseas students
  • Policy on Special Educational Needs
  • Literacy and Numeracy project within the school
  • Updates on new Junior Cycle
  • Purchase of a defibrillator
  • School attendance /uniform
  • Sports and Academic Awards night
  • Sixth year Graduation
  • School Musical
  • Moving to 40 minute classes and alternative times
  • TY work experience
  • Sports competitions and victory celebrations

The following were the activities that the parents association got involved in during the year:

  • Academic Awards afternoon
  • Reviewing a range of school polices
  • Refreshments during the week of the School Musical
  • Purchase of a defibrillator
  • PACCS Conference on April 16th
  • Sponsoring Pat Mc Kenna from Child Watch  to facilitate workshops for all students
  • Assistance in organising a Parents night with Pat McKenna
  • Assistance in organising a  Parents night with Betty McLaughlin , President IGC
  • IT support for our All-Ireland Celebration in May

May 2016

On May 10th Mrs Betty McLoughlin , President of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors was invited to the school by the Parents Association and gave a brief overview of some of the key issues facing young people before an Open Forum where parents were able to ask any question they wished about  guidance related issues. Questions included ones on first year taster programme, subject options in fifth year , advice on Transition year and work experience, alternative routes to college  , College application and deferral procedures, , apprenticeship training etc. There was a very good turn our for this meeting and parents leaving said it was one of the best speakers we had ever brought to GallenCS . Geraldine Keena, Chairperson of Gallen CS gave Betty a small token of their appreciation.


betty and geraldine


April 2016

In conjunction with Gallen C.S Parents Association, PACCS [The Parents Association of Community &   Comprehensive Schools] held their  National Conference in Gallen Community School Ferbane on Saturday 16th April.

Mrs Finnegan welcomed everyone to Gallen CS and briefly spoke about the importance of parental involvement in their child’s education and school.  Dave Fitzpatrick then welcomed everybody and gave an overview of the day. He introduced Gareth Noble , solicitor who is head of KOD Lyons Children’s department. Gareth is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading litigators in the area of children with disabilities. He has successfully represented many families in challenging the law in respect of Domiciliary Care Allowances, Carer’s Allowance and services for children. Gareth also acts in Education Law cases for children and families in respect of school bullying, disciplinary issues and other educational law entitlements. He has also provided advice to educational institutions on policy formation and implementation. In his talk he  spoke about the challenges that schools and parents face with regard to ensuring students especially students with special education needs have in gaining full access to their rights under the Education Act , EPSEN Act  etc.

After break time the AGM was held which saw the election of new members on to the executive and the election of the  new president Rebecca Hemeryck. Workshops were then held which included “Dads for Dads “, a workshop on dealing with Stress and one on Assistive Technology.

After lunch parents got the opportunity to do another workshop before the Open Forum which had the following people to answer questions from the audience: John Irwin ACCS, Aideen Farrell SEC, Diarmuid de Paor ASTI, Annette Dolan TUI,  Betty McLaughlin, President of Institute of Guidance Counsellors .

Gallen CS Parents Association and Mrs Finnegan ,principal were delighted  to host the PACCS conference as the  first school in 15 years to do so and it gave our own parents the opportunity to hear from some excellent speakers and  attend the workshops. A special thanks to our  parents association members who helped on the day and to those parents who attended.

Photos of the day were taken by TY student Max Feehan and can be viewed in GALLERY section of website.

February 2016

Following an invitation from Gallen Community School, Ferbane, to attend our Parents’ association meeting on 1st December, 2015, PACCS President Dave Fitzpatrick and Honorary Sec. Connie Carolan travelled to the school.Dave and Connie were introduced to the parents by John Irwan, Assistant General Secretary, ACCS. Dave thanked the Principal, Ursula Finnegan and parents for the invitation to Gallen C.S. Ferbane. He addressed the parents in which he gave an outline of his involvement in his own parents’ association, Board of Management, PACCS and NPCpp to date. He told the parents of his first meetings at his local parents’ association and how he felt that he had nothing to add to their deliberations but as time went on he had ‘found his voice’. He went on to list some of the activities in which his P.A. are involved – Book Rental, Debs Nights, Awards Nights and parents’ evenings.

Conference 2016 was discussed. PACCS had planned to return to holding the event in schools as it had been done in the early years of the Association. The outline of the Conference Timetable was discussed.In the years, 2012, 2013 and 2014 it had been held in conjunction with the NPCpp Conference but due to time constraints on the agenda, it was decided that adequate time could not be given to this important event in the PACCS Calendar. Therefore, it was felt that the change was necessary and last year it was moved to a stand-alone event and held in Bessborough Centre in Cork. Since Gallen Community School have all the facilities to host this event we are happy to do so. It was agreed that it would be the perfect venue for Conference. Dave thanked us for inviting PACCS to hold Conference 2016 on 16th April next. The meeting concluded. The Principal, Ursula Finnegan, gave the ‘visitors’ a tour of the school. [Geraldine Keena, Chairperson, Gallen C.S Parents Association]



Parents Association Updates Jan 2016

Two meetings were held in this term , October and December and there was a good attendance at both meetings . The following officer  were elected:

Chairperson:        Geraldine Keena,

Secretary :              Rosemarie McLynn

Treasurer :              Gillian Anderson

P.R.O:                      Sian Rowe McCormac.

Items discussed were report of Parents Association of 2014/2015, the Role of Parents Association, School events, School policies, Sixth year graduation, School Website , Report from BOM, purchase of a Defibrillator  for the school. On Tuesday 1st December  Mr John Irwin,   Assistant General Secretary  ACCS (Association of Community & Comprehensive Schools.  Mr Dave Fitzpatrick, PACCS President, and Ms Connie Carolin, from  PACCS  ( Parents Association of Community & Comprehensive Schools) came to the school and met with the Parents Association and explained what other Parents Assocations get involved in , in school.s They asked if Gallen CS Parents Association would host their annual conference next April and Mrs Finnegan said she was happy to assist the Parents Association and PACCS in whatever way they needed next April.

At our January meeting on 12th January, parents expressed appreciation at the way the recent flooding was handled by Sodexo and school management but urged Mrs Finnegan to continue to find out who will take ownership of the river bank and how it can be made safe for students if used in emergency exits and also about a retainer wall for the river.  Also discussed was school events, upcoming PACCS meeting  and two parents took a copy of our Learning Support Policy to review for us



The Internet is a terrific learning tool when used correctly and appropriately. However we also know that students are underperforming due to the long hours they spend online and their sleep and concentration patterns are being greatly disturbed by staying on Facebook and other social media through the night. This is leading directly to students of all ages underperforming at school.  iKydz is a revolutionary simple tool that gives parents control over the internet usage at home .

iKydz is so simple, you just plug our tamper proof smart box into the back of the home router and it does the rest. Each device in the home can then be controlled from your mobile phone. We call it the remote control for the Internet and we’ve even added a ‘mealtime’ button that can switch off all devices in the home during mealtimes, putting conversation back on the menu. We’ve also made iKydz affordable with a one off payment of just €99.

iKydz was created for three great reasons. 1.  To stop kids accessing the Internet when they should be studying 2.   To control what sites they go to – adult, gambling etc. sites can be blocked automatically 3. To stop them staying awake on phones when they should be sleeping.

Full information is available on www.ikydz.com  or contact John Molloy at john.molloy@ikydz.com



Thanks to all the parents who voted in our elections in May 2015 to elect a new parents association for Gallen Community School. These parents will serve for  two years and will offer their contributions and opinions on many aspects of school life. Thanks also for your nominations for parent representatives on our Board of Management  which takes up responsibility from August 2015. Eunan Healy and Geraldine Keena are your elected  nominees  on our Board of Management

Ferbane Alan McGovern,Eunan Healy,Ray Carroll, Arlene Guinan, Gillian Anderson, Elaine Power, Orla Kenny, Mary Dunican
Rashina /Ballinahown Kieran Gavin Deirdre Brazil
Shannonbridge Ger Corbett, Dorothy Darcy
Pullough Gerard Lynam
Ballycumber Geraldine Keena
Boora PJ Grogan, Sian Rowe McCormack
High Street/Belmont Mary Rigney, Ignatius Cusack
Lumcloon/Cloghan Brendan Devery, Rosemarie McLynn



Report of Parents Association 2014/2015

There were five Parent Associations meeting held during the 2014/2015 academic year. Margaret Healy agreed to continue to act as secretary and Aidan Egan was elected chairperson.

The following are some of the range of topics discussed over the year at our meetings:

  • Change in school management
  • Literacy and Numeracy project within the school
  • Updates on new Junior Cycle
  • School attendance /uniform
  • BOM news
  • Visit of Inspector Seamus Knox and SSE
  • TUI& ASTI strike days
  • Sports and Academic Awards night
  • Study skills workshops
  • Talks for senior students in the school
  • Student achievement in sport, young scientist, Fresh Film Festival etc.
  • Health Promoting Schools Project
  • Closure of Ulster Bank
  • Sixth year Graduation
  • Lynx Charity Cycle in aid of the Cluny Centre
  • School Musical
  • Juno and the Paycock production
  • Weight of school bags
  • Moving to 40 minute classes from 2016 onwards
  • Transition year tour.
  • Death of Patricia Kelly RIP
  • Election of new Parents Association and reps for new BOM

The following were the activities that the parents association got involved in during the year:

  • Sports and Academic Awards night
  • Health Promoting Schools Project
  • Closure of Ulster Bank
  • Lynx Charity Cycle in aid of the Cluny Centre
  • School Musical
  • Juno and the Paycock production

 Suggestions for 2015/16

  • As recommended by B.O.M that principal invest in 2 or 3 sets of extra books for class sets so students would not have to carry the heaviest of their books to school.
  • Continue to work on the Health Promoting schools project.
  • Communicate with other parents re : 40 minute classes
  • Inform themselves more on new Junior Cycle and its implications for teaching and learning.
  • Organise some fundraising for purchase of more sets of books
  • To investigate use of tablet devices in schools with other school members



National Parents’ Council Post Primary and the NCCA New Junior Cycle Parent Information Evenings 2013

 The National Parents’ Council Post Primary in conjunction with the NCCA, will host Information evenings nationwide for parents on the upcoming changes to the Junior Cycle. These evenings are open to  all parents, guardians and parent association members to attend. These events are free to attend and light refreshments will be available on arrival. If you would like to join us, please email information@npcpp.ie to register. Also on the night, NPCpp will give a brief outline about their work since 2003 (10 year plan) and future strategies.

Northern Regions DATES Venue Counties
March 4th 2013 Marino Education Centre, Drumcondra, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9. For directions: http://www.mie.ie Dublin
March 6th 2013 Sligo Education Centre, Ballinode, Co Sligo For directions: http://www.ecsligo.ie/directions.html Sligo/Leitrim/Roscommon
March 7th 2013 Mount Errigal Hotel, Letterkenny For directions:http://www.mounterrigal.com/ Donegal
March 11th 2013 Maldron Hotel, Oranmore, Galway For directions:http://www.maldronhotelgalway.com/galway Galway/Mayo
March 12th 2013 Creggan Court Hotel, N6 Centre, Athlone, Co Westmeath For directions: www.creggancourt.com Westmeath/Longford/Meath


March 14th 2013 Laois Education Centre,Block Road, Portlaoise, Co Laois For directions: www.laoisedcentre.ie Laois/Offaly


Parents Name Area  
Tom Fitzmaurice Ferbane
Marion Gilligan
Margaret Lowry
Edel Anderson Clonmacnois
Padraig Darcy
Sian Rowe McCormack Lumcloon
Joe Molloy
Paschal Guinan Boher
Eliz Egan
Geraldine Keena
Mary Multaney-Murphy Ballinahown
Maree Egan (Chairperson)
Linda Delaney Pullough
Patricia Kelly Cloghan
Liam Claffey Ballinamere
Nicky Nugent Belmont
Tena Murray
Hugh Egan Rashina


Many years have passed since the foundation of the National Parents Council Post-primary (NPCpp) whose aim was to give parents a voice. NPCpp has worked for the involvement of parents in the education of their own child/children and to give parents a partnership in the broader education system. There were many years of struggling before the implementation of the Education Act 1998 which has given parents the statutory right to participation in the Education System.

  • Parents’ Association of Community & Comprehensive Schools – was formed in 1983 to act as one national organisation for the Parents’ Associations of Community & Comprehensive Schools of the country. It was formally established on a national basis in October 1984. There are 92 Community and Comprehensive Schools in the country.
  • Membership is open to all Parents’ Associations, Parents’ Councils, Parents’ Groups, Parent/Teacher Associations etc. of the Community and Comprehensive Schools which are so designated by the Department of Education.
  • NPCpp began an internal review during 2006/2007.The five national parent bodies encompassed in NPCpp are working collectively and collaborating closely to move the organization forward. As part of the internal review the Directors highlighted the need for a stronger partnership approach to many educational matters.
  • NPCpp’s view is that there are many important educational issues that are common to all educational partners and a shared and united approach would enhance the quality of information which we can make available to parents, while at the same time fostering a “knowledge based” understanding of our teacher and management partners and their perspectives on issues.

2011/12 Events:

On Friday 20th April we were delighted to welcome Shane Martin, psychologist and speaker to our school.

Shane is a psychologist dedicated to teaching people to empower themselves to enhance the quality of their lives.While most of Psychology looks at disorders and unwellness, Shanes no nonsense approach looks at investing in the strategies that are scientifically proven to enhance health and increase happiness. Shane spoke to both Sixth and Third years groups during the day and the students found him wonderfully uplifting “motivational, funny, fantastic, great, best speaker ever in school, brilliant” were some of the comments from students after the talk.

We had a good crowd of parents and members of the local community for Shanes talk on Fridaty night. For two hours he explained his ten startegies for wellness and happiness in a very entertaining and informative way. Shane gave us permission to post his slides on our website which we will do later this week.

For more information on Shane Martin please check out www.moodwatchers.com


The parents association of Gallen Community School have organised a training and information meeting for parents next Wednesday evening in Gallen Community School. This meeting is open to all parents and they are hoping for a good turn out. Please contact Maree Egan, Chairperson or any member of the committee for more information on this meeting.

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