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Pobalscoil na Gailinne – An nuacht is deireanaí Nov 23rd / Gallen C.S. – News updates

Ar an 14 Deireadh Fómhair, ghlac Pobalscoil na Gailinne páirt i gCómhrá ’16 a reáchtáil Conradh na Gaeilge chun an churriarracht don chomhrá is faide as Gaeilge a shárú. Bhí ar dhaltaí sa dara bliain agus sa séú bliain cómhrá gan stad ar feadh uair an chloig ar líne. Ghlac scoileanna, ollscoileanna agus grúpaí Gaeilge ó Chorcaigh go Ceanada  páirt sa churriarracht seo. Is í Pobalscoil na Gailinne an t-aon scoil ó Chontae Uíbh Fhailí a ghlac páirt i mbliana. Bhain na daltaí an-taitneamh as an lá agus thug sé muinín dóibh labhairt as Gaeilge. D’éirigh linn an churriarracht a shárú le 170 uair a chloig de chómhrá Gaeilge gan stad. Nach mór an éacht é sin!

Anuas ar Chomhrá ‘16, ghlac Pobalscoil na Gailinne páirt i nGaeilge 24 ar an 15 Samhain. Mar chuid den dúshlan seo, bhí ar dhaltaí Gaeilge amháin a labhairt ar feadh 24 uair a chloig, sin Gaeilge ar scoil, i ngach rang, sa bhaile, sa siopa, lena gcairde agus lena dteaghlaigh. Ghlac 107 dalta ó Phobalscoil na Gailinne páirt ar lá chomh maith le 30, 000 dalta ó cheann ceann na tíre. Rinne daltaí ó Phobalscoil na Gailinne a seacht ndícheall cibé Gaeilge a bhí acu a labhairt ar an lá agus chruinnigh na daltaí neart airgid do Chonradh na Gaeilge – eagraíocht a dhéanann obair fhíorthábhachtach chun an Ghaeilge a chur chun cinn. Is mór an chraic a bhí ag na daltaí ar an lá agus chaith siad t-léine Gaeilge 24 chun taispeáint do chách an dúshlán a bhí ar bun acu. Is mór an spreagadh a bhí ann do na daltaí i bPobalscoil na Gailinne, Gaeilge a labhairt agus thaispeáin sé gur theanga bheo í an Ghaeilge agus gur chóir a bheith bródúil asti. Bhain na daltaí an-taitneamh agus tairbhe as na himeachtaí Gaeilge seo go léir i bPobalscoil na Gailinne. Beatha teanga í a labhairt!

Comhrá ’16 & Gaeilge 24

On the 14th of October, Gallen Community School took part in Comhrá ’16 organised by Conradh na Gaeilge to break the world record for the longest continuous Irish conversation. Second year and sixth year students held a conversation for a full hour on-line. Various schools, universities and Irish groups from Cork to Canada took part on the day. Gallen Community School was the only school to take part in Co. Offaly. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and boosted their confidence to speak as Gaeilge. Our effort also helped break the world record by having a continuous Irish conversation which lasted over 170 hours. What an amazing achievement!

As well as Comhrá ’16 Gallen Community School also took part in Gaeilge 24 on the 15th of November. As part of this challenge, students pledged to speak as Gaeilge only for 24 hours – Irish at school, in every class, at home, at the shop, with their friends and family. 107 students from Gallen Community School joined over 30, 000 students from all across the county who took part on the day. Students did their upmost to speak whatever Irish they had on the day and they raised money for Conradh na Gaeilge – an organisation that work to promote the Irish language. The students had great craic on the day and wore Gaeilge 24 t-shirts to show everyone the challenge they were undertaking. The day motivated Gallen Community Students to speak as Gaeilge and showed them that Irish is a living language and something to be proud of. Students have really enjoyed and benefited from all these Irish events at Gallen Community School. Beatha teanga í a labhairt!

Last Sunday alsp saw the annual John Paul 2 Awards been given to students in recognition for their vvoluntary work in the parish and local community. Congratulations to all the students who were presented with Awards from Bishop Frances.

Following on his successful visit to our school two years ago, Mrs Breen invited inspirational speaker Jason Maupin to our school last week, Jason spoke to the entire group of fifth years about his life and said  ” Like so many other students I grew up not being able to depend on some people that I should have been able to depend upon for support and encouragement. Fortunately there were also some key people in my life who motivated me to make right decisions and pursue my goals “. He encouraged young people not to look for solutions in alcohol and drugs and trying to be popular but go to the people around them that cares  and will give support and understanding when they need someone to talk to.  There is no shame in seeking but within families, the  school and the community there are always people you can depend on.

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