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Second Year Book List


2nd YEAR, BOOK LIST – 2019 / 2020

Student Name: ______________________

SUBJECT BOOK COST Received Returned
ENGLISH Great Expectations 2, and Portfolio Book set (Educate.ie) Shakespearean Drama (Novels to be bought by students) €19.95 €4.95        
IRISH Turas 3, Portfolio & Activity Book combined (Educate.ie) Activity Book €24.95   €5.95    
MATHS Text and Tests 2 Ordinary Level (Celtic Press) Text and Tests 2 Higher Level  (Celtic Press) €22.50     €22.50    
FRENCH Allons-y2 and Portfolio and Vocabulary Book set (Educate.ie) Portfolio & Vocabulary Book €24.95   €5.95    
HISTORY Artefact, ‘A forward thinking approach to looking back’ (Educate.ie) and Research Portfolio. Research Portfolio €24.95     €5.95    
GEOGRAPHY NEW Geography in Action and portfolio set (educate.ie) Geography Workbook Portfolio €24.95   €5.95    
BUSINESS Time for Business, Activity Book set Student Activity Book. (Edco) €31.95 €10.95    
HOME ECONOMICS   @Home, Home Economics Junior Cycle (Educate.ie) all combined @Home, Key Terms Book @Home, Practical Book €27.95   €5.95 €6.95    
SCIENCE The Nature of Science (Mentor) €29.95    
TECHNICAL GRAPHICS Understanding Technical Graphics John and Tadhg O’Sullivan (Gill) Understanding TG Workbook. (Gill) €37.99   €14.95    
WOODWORK Wood Materials Technology 4th Edition – Michael Cross.  (Edco) €29.95    
METALWORK Basic Engineering Technology (New Edition) (CJFallon) €32.75    
MUSIC Text to be decided by teacher in September      
S.P.H.E. Resources and texts in class      
C.S.P.E Resources and texts in class      

Signed Student: _____________________       Date: ___________________