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Gallen CS   students  Sophie  Gilson  ,  Lucy  Egan  ,  Clive  Keena  and  Sean  Flynn  along with their  teachers Mrs  Killian and  Mrs  Hopkins  did  Gallen CS   proud at the  annual  BT   Young  Scientist  Awards   in the  RDS   last week.

Sean and  Clive’s  innovative project which was  called” Alert  Cow  Calving”  where a sensor  would  detect when a  cow  would  be about to  calve through the  sensor  detecting a temperature rise ,  a  rise in the sweat levels of  the   cow and  an increased movement of the   cow’s tail, and these  sensors would trigger a process where   data  would  be inputted into to  a  computer  and  thereby   alert a  farmer when the  cow  was about to  calve .Clive and  Sean’s  finding’s  and their  idea  is   vital  and  valuable as their research showed that in  8 out of 10    calf losses , the  calf  dies within 5 minutes of  delivery. Sean and Clive hope to further develop this novel concept.

Sophie and  Lucy’s fascinating   project entitled” Make Up  A True  Reflection”  explored the effects  of   cosmetics  on the  psychological and social behaviour of Irish  females,. The  girls gathered information from their peers and from female teachers to find out  their  habits regarding  make  up  use ,the  main reason why they wear makeup ,  how long they spend applying  makeup, how  much  make up they apply and  Sophie and  Lucy also  explored the influence of  media  and peer pressure  on what  brands of  cosmetics are   bought and how  much is  spent .  Sophie and Lucy’s findings were interesting as they found that younger girls are more vulnerable to outside   influences and opinions than the older woman.  One interesting result of the project was that teenage girls on average spent more on cosmetics than   the professional woman and that they are very   concerned by what their peers think of their appearance.

Both groups were in the media spotlight over the last few days. Sophie and  Lucy  were interviewed and  pictured with their project  on the” Sunday  Business Post” on  January 4th.Sophie and  Lucy were also  interviewed  by  Ryan  Tubridy  for his    radio  show on Thursday last  whilst the  girls were  also  featured on    TV 3 ‘s  Xpose  on Thursday.The girls were questioned by a leading Cosmetics company Oriflamo who requested a copy of their project.  Sophie and Lucy were also invited to visit their Irish headquarters in Wicklow.

Our  four   students  met   celebrities   such  as   Westlife’s Nicky  Byrne ,  Rick o  Shea, TV  Presenter  Eoghan mc  Dermott,  Fianna  Fail leader  Michael  Martin  who was so  taken with  Clive and  Sean’s  project when he met them  that he suggested to them that they patent their  idea. Clive ,  Sean  ,  Sophie and  Lucy also met   news teams  from  RTE ,  UTV  and TV3.

Clive and  Sean were also  featured on  the  Agricultural  Magazine  Agriland   prior to the  exhibition and they were also  interviewed by   the  Farmers  Journal and  by   farm advisory  body, Teagasc.Head of  Teagasc  Gerry  Boyle met Clive and  Sean  ,  congratulated them on their project  and invited them to  visit any of their sites. Sean and Clive also featured on RTE 2’s”News Today” on Wednesday last. Well  done  Sean, Clive, Sophie, Lucy and  Mrs Killian and Mrs Hopkins.  Gallen  CS  is justifiably   proud of you.