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School Principal
Mr. Garrett Buckley
Deputy Principal

Ms. Stacey Guinan

Return of the 80’s

The  annual Gallen CS  school musical is always a highlight of the school calendar and this  year proved no exception with the 28th Gallen CS musical being a wonderful staging of that modern classic ” Return of the 80’s”. Over the three nights this wonderful musical tells the story of Corey Palmer and his senior year of high school: his best friends, the class bully, and the girl he loves. In the present day, Corey takes us back to William Ocean High School, watching himself and his friends Kirk and Alf start their bid to be senior class president and vice-presidents, only to have the opportunity stolen by bully Michael Feldman. To make Corey’s life worse, Michael has also stolen away Tiffany Houston, Corey’s longtime crush. But this isn’t the only relationship on the rocks: teachers Mr. Cocker and Ms. Brannigan are fighting in their not-so-secret romance, Michael is posing as new girl Eileen’s mysterious secret admirer, and Tiffany’s friend Cyndi doesn’t want to give admirer Billy the time of day. Add in a charity concert for Africa, a Star Wars-inspired dream sequence, and a final showdown between Michael and class geek Feargal McFerrin, and “Return of the 80s” is a non-stop collection of music, movie, and TV Easter Eggs for all ages. The jukebox score includes a wide variety of popular hits such as “Video Killed the Radio Star,” “You give Love A Bad Name”, “Footloose,” and “The Time of My Life.”


Thank You

We would like to say thank you to Mr. Maher who this year took on the responsibility of producing “Return of the 80s”.  Thanks to Mr. MacCartain for taking the time to direct the musical to the best standard it can be. Thanks to Mr. Dench and Ms. Carroll for their input as co-directors. Thanks to the TY girls and Ms. Scully who choreographed the dances to the songs. We would also like to thank Ms. Murray and Ms. Carroll for putting together the costumes for the musical. We would like to thank all the cast who put in long hours rehearsing and perfecting the show for all the audience. We would like to thank Ms. McKeogh for the hard work she put into designing the sets for the musical.  We would also like to thank our wonderful receptionists, Arlene and Jacinta, for looking after ticket sales and finances. Thanks to the Sodexo staff who do a wonderful job of keeping our school looking so well.

We would like to thank our principal Mr. Buckley and vice principal Ms. Guinan for their encouragement and support throughout the process of putting this musical together. Finally, we would like to thank all our generous sponsors who purchased advertisements and who donated to our raffle for supporting our school and show. We are very proud of our amazing school, cast, and local community and we really appreciate your support this year.

Once again , Gallen CS  has  showcased its dramatic talent  to bring to fruition a  wonderful production.

 by Rachel Carty Transition Year 2023