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School Principal
Mr. Garrett Buckley
Deputy Principal

Ms. Stacey Guinan

Transition from primary school to Gallen C.S


Autumn /Winter term Principal visits the Primary  schools to talk to sixth class students.  Students  are invited into school for a morning of activities before Christmas . Information sent to parents in January
Last Tuesday in January Open Night, Enrolment & follow up
Feb/March Places offered to  prospective students
April /May Sixth class students come in to see the school, Q & A session  and sit CAT tests.  
Aug/Sep First year Induction day – specially organised day for first years.
Organisation in  Gallen C.S. Classes mixed, no streaming , Year Head and Class Tutor system, Chaplain meets students, Modules classes, no difficult choices to be made about subjects in first year.
SPHE classes with Guidance Counsellor all year. “Moving Up to Secondary School” programme :  students to get to know each other, who to go to if need help, school rules , organisation of time, lockers,   importance of homework, discuss and teach key policies e.g. anti -bullying
Sep/Oct Pastoral team identifies any student who is  not settling in  and given support. Students are encouraged to join in one extra curricular activity i.e, sports, singing, musical etc.
Sep/Oct Meeting for First year parents .
Spring Term First year P.T meeting but parents guardians are welcome to phone our school and make an appointment to meet with teachers, chaplain, guidance counsellor or school management during the year.



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