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School Principal
Mr. Garrett Buckley
Deputy Principal

Ms. Stacey Guinan

School Inspection Reports

All school inspection reports can be accessed from the link below and we encourage you to read these reports which commends the excellent work of the school.

 Science and Biology; Date of Inspection: 10-10-2019


 The quality of teaching and learning was very good in all the lessons observed.
 Lessons were well structured, teaching methodologies were well chosen and classroom
management was universally very good.
 There was a very good rapport between teachers and students and students engaged very
well in the learning process.
 Subject provision is very good and the school demonstrates a high level of commitment to
the sciences.
 A well-co-ordinated, ably led, and very effective science department manages the day-today work of a busy department in an exemplary manner.
 High-quality, evidence-based planning for improvement is a significant element of the work
of the science department.
 On occasion, care should be taken to ensure that all students, especially the more reticent,
are included in classroom interactions.
 Teachers should encourage students to reach agreed standards of content and presentation
in their written work and should ensure that students follow through on their corrections
where relevant.

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